Alpha Deception Field



Activating this console will cause your ship to appear to suffer a Warp Core Breach, when in actuality you will be rendered undetectable and granted improved maneuverability.

Hirogen Feign Death Trap
Starship Stealth, Creates a Trap
Must be in Combat to activate

  • Fake your Death: Become Untargetable, Rooted, and Disabled for 5 seconds.
  • Creates a lvl 12 Lure
  • While Lure is active (max 30 sec):
    • +200% Turn Rate
    • +200% Flight Speed
    • +6,975 Stealth
    • All Powers Disabled Until Lure Detonates
  • Activate power a second time to force Detonation at will.
  • Upon detonation:
    • to self: All Cooldown Timers Reset
    • to foe: 367.3 Tetryon Damage per sec and Hold for 5 sec

The Alpha Deception Field is universal and may be placed in any console slot