Benthan Assault Cruiser [T6]

This eye-catching starship features a balanced blend of offensive capabilities, survivability and maneuverability, sure to appeal to a large number of starship captains. It includes a Lieutenant-rank Intelligence hybrid bridge officer station.

The Benthan Assault Cruiser comes equipped with a <a class="screenshot" rel="/media/products/bac-gear.png" style="color:#ffd700">[Console - Universal - Polaric Chromoelectric Modulator]</a>. Usage of this device allows redirection of incoming energy damage into the massive reservoirs throughout their ship hulls, which can lessen the harm of such attacks dealt to their shields. This energy can also then be emitted towards an enemy starship, disabling their subsystems and overloading their EPS conduits to cause hull ruptures throughout the ship. Most criminals surrender after feeling the bite of this weapon. The few that don't tend not to live long enough to make any other bad decisions.